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The cistercian monastery was founded by Prince Vladislav II. in the valley od the River Strela in 1144. Despite being destroyed by a hussite army in the 15th century, it overcame an unfavourable situation and experienced a big bloom in the 17th an 18th century. The look of the premises comes from building reconstructions between years 1661 - 1740. The monastery was gradually rebuilt according to plans of famous architects: Jean Baptiste Mathey, Jan Blazej Santini-Aichel and Kilian Ignac Dientzenhoffer. In 1785, the rich monastery was abolished by Emperor Joseph II. In 1826, the former monastery was bought by Austrian chancellor Clement Wencel Lothar Metternich who had the former abbatial residence adapted as a castle, and his family tomb was created in newly reconstructed St. Wenceslas Church. Since 1945, the Czech State has looked after the former monastery premises. Next to tours, the monastery offers concerts, exhibitions or wedding ceremonies to be held there.

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